The history of Den Bosch is intimately connected with water. Nowadays the river Binnendieze is one of the biggest tourist attractions of the city. Explore the Binnendieze in a unique open boat. The skipper-guide will tell you fascinating stories about the history of the city. You're also welcome to take a boat tour or rent a boat and explore the beautiful waters outside the citywalls on your own.

In Den Bosch you can enjoy the boating season from April to October. 

  • Boat tour on the Binnendieze

    The Binnendieze river is one of the biggest tourist attractions of Den Bosch. ‘Binnendieze’ is actually the collective name for the centuries-old system of waterways within the city walls. You can explore the Binnendieze in a unique open boat and enjoy the many monuments, waterways and majestic fortifications along the route. You can book a boat tour from April to October.

    Plan a boat tour on the Binnendieze

    Binnendieze rondvaren Den Bosch
  • One of the best ways to see the city is from the water

    You can easily explore the beautiful public waterways outside the citywalls at your own leisure. Rent and sail a boat yourself, take a guided boat trip or let a water taxi take you to your next destination. 

Sail the waterways of Den Bosch - Rent a boat or book a guided boat tour