Hiking & Cycling

You may find that the best way to discover the loveliest places in and around Den Bosch is by bike or on foot. You can, for example, go on a walk through the city under the supervision of an expert guide. However, you will find fantastic hiking and cycling routes outside the city as well. To start with there is the 'Bossche Broek' nature reserve which is close to the city. Perhaps you would enjoy a cycle ride along the city's ramparts. It is a unique experience!

  • Hiking routes

    The city of Den Bosch has a great deal of treasures which are all geographically close together. Various routes have been devised to help you discover these gems in and around the historic city. Discover the nicest hiking routes here!

  • Cycling routes

    You can spend your day cycling an art-related route, a route which takes you past all the food and drinking hotspots, or a countryside route outside the city walls.Choose your cycling adventure here!



Bike rentals

You have planned your adventure, prepared all the stuff you want to take and put on some suitable sportswear. Now it is time to jump on your bike and go exploring! If you do not have a bicycle that is not a problem because in 's-Hertogenbosch you can easily rent a bike for a couple of hours, or for a whole day. Find out where you can rent a bike.

You can find a list of bike rental companies here




For the more adventurous

There are various mountain bike routes for advanced cyclists and beginners in the area around Den Bosch. So it is easy to discover all the popular mountain bike routes in Noord-Brabant with their steep climbs and fast descents.

Take a look at the MTB routes here

If you fancy a break, - these are the best locations