Getting around

Planning your trip to Den Bosch starts with planning how to get there. If you are coming to Den Bosch by car, you have the option of parking your car in one of the many car parks, or you can choose the cheapest option and park your car at a Park + Ride (P+R) and travel into the city by bike or bus. 

  • By bike

    Come to Den Bosch by bike. Not only will you be able to get around easily, you will also be getting some free exercise in the process!

  • Car parks

    There are seven car parks close to the city centre. Please use one if you can!

  • Park + Ride

    The best option if you are planning to stay in the city for at least two hours is to park at a P+R location.

  • On foot

    Almost everything in the city centre of Den Bosch is easy to reach on foot.

    Naar de markt - Den Bosch

Visiting the city by boat and mooring

If you are coming to Den Bosch by boat and need to find a berth to spend the night, Den Bosch has a number of water sports clubs. If you are affiliated to them you can moor up at certain locations with facilities in the city centre. In addition to the inner-city harbour, ’s-Hertogenbosch also has a number of moorings for recreational boating enthusiasts. You need to take account of the fact that Den Bosch has numerous bridges and locks which are operated at certain fixed times.

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