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Information for tourists about the coronavirus

Find out how coronavirus (COVID-19) may impact your visit to Den Bosch.
For updated information about coronavirus measures please check

You should also check out the ‘crowd tracker’ or druktemeter to see how crowded it is in the city.
Always leave an area if it gets too crowded and stay safe.



Getting around Den Bosch

You can get around Den Bosch in many ways, for example on foot, by bike, by car or by using public transport. You can even moor your boat in the city. Please click the button for more information about getting around. 

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Station 's-Hertogenbosch Parkeerplaats Sint Jan Den Bosch
  • Where to stay?

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  • A map of Den Bosch

    Have a look at the map of Den Bosch.

    Spoor station 's-Hertogenbosch
  • How can we help you?

    Visit the Tourist Information Centre (VVV) and get all the help you need!

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