In and around Den Bosch you will find the most wonderful and attractive nature reserves. Enjoy a park in the city (the Jeroen Bosch Garden or the Garden of Sculptures [Beeldentuin] at the Noordbrabants Museum) or experience the peace and quiet of the ‘Bossche Broek’ nature reserve. If you want to take the kids with you, you might like the idea of a walk in the ‘De Moerputten’ nature reserve. All of these are well worth a visit!

  • Bossche Broek

    Experience the peace and quiet of the ‘Bossche Broek’. Getting back to nature is easy: you are only a stone’s throw away from open space, nature and a place to relax. From the ‘Bossche Broek’ you can enjoy a unique view of the skyline ‘s-Hertogenbosch. This nature reserve is next to the river Dommel and consists mainly of grasslands with some unusual plants. 

    Het Bossche Broek Den Bosch
  • 'De Moerputten'

    West of Den Bosch you will find the nature reserve known as ‘De Moerputten’. It is a special place, with the impressive ‘Moerputten’ bridge being the highlight, and a place where you can easily walk around for hours and imagine yourself being in a tropical rainforest!

    Moerputten Den Bosch
  • The Garden of Sculptures at Het Noordbrabants Museum

    The magnificent garden of sculptures is the green heart of the museum and allows you to enjoy art in unique green surroundings. 

    The Garden of Sculptures at Het Noordbrabants Museum Beeldentuin Het Noordbrabants Museum
  • The Jeroen Bosch Garden

    Another green hotspot in the city centre is the Jeroen Bosch Garden. It is a great place to sit and relax and the perfect place for children to play. 

    The Jeroen Bosch Garden Jeroen Bosch Tuin
  • The Canal Park [Kanaalpark]

    Along the Maxima Canal you will find the Canal Park which is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna and which attracts large numbers of people from the city on a sunny day. It is a great place for cycling, walking or rollerblading and it connects all the nature reserves around Den Bosch and Rosmalen. 

    Kanaalpark Den Bosch
  • The ‘Pettelaarse Schans’

    The ‘Pettelaarse Schans’ is a star-shaped fortress island where there used to be a fort (in 1623). Nowadays a row of trees indicates the contours of the former fort.

    The ‘Pettelaarse Schans’ Pettelaarse Schans Den Bosch
  • The ‘Zuiderpark’

    Close to the city you will find the ‘Zuiderpark’. For locals this is the one and only park near the city centre. At the northern edge of the park you can discover the city’s historical ramparts.

    Zuiderpark Den Bosch
  • The ‘Oosterplas’

    If you want to go for a walk, a cycle or do some activity on the water, the ‘Oosterplas’ lake is the perfect destination. There is a large playground, a petting zoo and plenty of space for sports activities. It is a place the whole family will enjoy!

    Oosterplas in Den Bosch
  • The ‘Heinis’

    The ‘Heinis’ in Den Bosch is a special place in an area where the soil transitions from sand to river clay. In this small nature reserve you will find a unique variety of flora and fauna. 

    The ‘Heinis’ Heinis in Den Bosch

Go hiking - Discover the ‘Bossche Broek’

Enjoy beautiful countryside - Right next to the city centre