Den Bosch in one day

If you are planning a day trip to Den Bosch, first of all you should know that is a great decision! You can go shopping for hours, visit several high-quality museums, drink coffee and enjoy a ‘Bossche Bol’ profiterole in the city’s charming cafes. After that  you can wander through the historic city centre or explore its parks and courtyards. Of course you can finish your day in one of the city’s many restaurants and then it will be time to go home unless, of course, you decide to stay over!

9 am - Good morning! - Start your day with a slap-up breakfast

10 am - Discover Den Bosch!

2 pm - There is still so much to cram in this afternoon! - Have a look at the Den Bosch events guide

3 pm - There is always something to do! - Explore Den Bosch

10 pm - Head for the next cafe... - Are you planning to stay a little longer?