Visit Den Bosch

  • Shopping

    Shopping in 's-Hertogenbosch means shopping in a unique cultural-historical ambiance. You will find an array of fancy concept stores, trendy fashion shops and beautiful boutiques along the larger shopping streets, or you can explore the smaller, pretty alleyways.

    Etalage winkel Karakter
  • Things to do

    Visit a museum, catch a movie, or go to the theatre. There is a good reason why Den Bosch is called the cultural capital of the South. 

  • Food

    The city centre is packed with lively bars and lovely restaurants.

  • Nature

    Enjoy the city’s green parks or grab a bike and cycle to the Maas river, or explore the beautiful ‘Bossche Broek’ or ‘Moerputten’ nature reserves.

    Natuurgebied Het Bossche Broek 's-Hertogenbosch
  • Plan your trip

    We can help you find everything you need to get started, from accommodation and excursions to the best places to eat and shop.

Den Bosch. Cultural city of the South. Come and enjoy everything the city has to offer!”